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Westminster, Colorado Medicare Insurance Plans

Westminster, Colorado Medicare Supplements Insurance

The best time to check into Medicare plans such as Medicare Supplements/Medigap policies, Medicare advantage plans, and standalone Medicare prescription drug plans is before you are eligible for Medicare, up to 3 months before. If you are nearing age 65, the choices you make now can help you in the future. But choosing the correct Medicare insurance plan to meet your needs can be confusing and overwhelming. On top of that, if done incorrectly or too late, penalties can accrue and stick with you for life. Fortunately, our trained agents are committed to helping you sort though all the options available.

Everyone 65 and older is entitled to the basic Medicare coverage, but typically it only covers about 64 percent of the annual health-care costs. Added to the expense not covered by Medicare, there are deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance to pay. This is why many choose a Medicare plan like a Medicare advantage plan, or a supplement plan/Medigap policy and at 3T Insurance, LLC, we can assist you in your Colorado insurance coverages.

Medicare Supplements Options in Colorado

Both Medicare Part A and Part B were designed to help retirees with their Colorado health insurance. If you choose to add Medicare Part B, it is wise to add your supplements within the first 6 months. During this time the Medigap program must accept you and any preexisting conditions, known as "guaranteed issue rights". In most cases, as long as you continue paying the premiums you cannot be cancelled. After the 6 months, if you decide you want a supplement policy, you can be turned down for pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer.

Colorado Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance has a wide variety of plans and is organized alphabetically with each plan designated with a single letter. Plans are designed to help with the cost of deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance. Some plans offer prescription, vision, or dental coverage. The different plans offer the flexibility of choosing your own doctors and hospitals that accept Medicare patients and specialists, without referrals. You have the freedom to travel and take your coverage with you anywhere in the United States.

Rates for Medicare Supplements can vary greatly between different carriers and are usually based on age, location, gender, and health. You don't have to sort through this alone, our agents at 3T Insurance, LLC are committed to searching for the best rates and coverage which are affordable and meet all your needs.

Or you may want to choose a Medicare Advantage plan from a private insurance company. Many of these plans offer extra benefits that Original Medicare does not offer such as gym memberships, routine hearing, vision, and dental. These plans often save Medicare beneficiaries money on higher monthly premiums on a supplement plan in exchange for small copays when accessing medical treatments that would normally be covered by Medicare already. 

There's always pros and cons to every plan. Talk to one of your local licensed agents here at 3T Insurance to help you figure out what makes sense for you. Call us today!